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2007 Land Between the Lakes NRA Remote Camera Survey.


2003-2004 Remote Camera Search in the Southern Monongahela National Forest. Click here to see a PDF (1.33MB) Presentation summarizing Todd Lester's work and the conclusions that were derived from it. This slide show was prepared by ECF Board Member Dr. Marcella Kelly for the 3rd Midwestern-Puma Conference held in Ontario in late May 2007. "You will see many remote camera photographs of cougars in the document.  They were captured in Belize by Dr. Kelly and her associates."


2004 Field Season Closes.  Read Todd Lester's log.


To read the 2003 Camera Survey log entries and see samples of the photos obtained, see the 2003 Camera Survey Field Log Page.  


For a comparison of the numbers of photos obtained in the 2003 and 2004 field seasons, see the Camera Survey Comparison.


To read about the grants that ECF was awarded to conduct non-intrusive field surveys for cougars, see the Remote Camera Field Survey page. 

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